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LED Shift Register 

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LED Shift Register 

Written By: Andrea 


The line of LEDs takes the inverted signals from a CD4017 counter, so that each LED 
generates light when the related outputs go to a low level. It works in bidirectional sequence. 
A 555 timer chip, in astable multivibrator mode, generates the clock signal. 

Circuit schematic & video 

Step 1 — LED Shift Register 

• The CD4017 integrated circuit may 
be damaged by static electricity. 

• Use an antistatic workbench. 

• Be connected to ground while you 

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LED Shift Register 

Step 2 

• If you connect the components with 
individual wires, I suggest that you 
start by soldering the wires on the 
integrated circuit's pins. 

Step 3 

• Check that the resistors' values 
work for your LEDs, especially on 
the middle stages. 

• Since your LEDs may be different 
from mine, you may have to modify 
the resistors' values. 

• Pay attention to the 470 and 47K 

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